PROaktiv Komplex

PROaktiv Komplex is a carefully composed combination of micronutrients for the supply of bones and cartilages. Our joints need to be supplied with additional micronutrients especially with increasing age or due to physical stress such as sports or an increased body weight.

Bones and cartilages that are well supplied or subjected to normal stress are durable and able to function for a lifetime. The higher the loads of sports, physical work or increased body weight are, all the more important is a sufficient supply of nutrients. 

Hip and knee joints are subject to the most stress, because they bear our body weight and absorb vibrations while walking and running. The joints are covered by cartilages with a smooth elastic protective layer, which provides protection. Thereby, joints are able to glide smoothly and absorb shocks by means of their buffer function. This function is assured by cartilage cells, which release collagen and proteoglycans that work as synovial fluid. These cartilage cells are not connected to circulation though, they get supplied by the synovial fluid. Therefore, our cartilage cells depend on a good nutrient supply. Vitamin C contributes to collagen formation and thus, to normal bone and cartilage function.

Package size: 80 capsules

Gluten-free, free from lactose, fructose and colorants.