Vitamin D2 1000 I.E. vegan Dr. Wolz

Vitamin D has been used to prevent rickets in infants for 70 years. However, recent research has shown that vitamin D is important to the whole body, not just to bones. Almost every other person in Germany has a vitamin D deficiency, because, for example, too little food is eaten which is rich in vitamin D such as fish or liver. 

Our body is able to produce vitamin D itself using the sun (UVB radiation); this is the reason vitamin D is also termed the sun vitamin. Our lifestyle does not seem to be suitable though for maintaining adequately high levels of vitamin D in our blood. 
In winter sunshine (Germany) is too low to produce enough vitamin D in the skin. Older skin, too, is no longer able, even in summer, to manufacture as much vitamin D as young people's skin. Many young people and children already have a deficiency of vitamin D. Vitamin D, which is provided by food or also formed in the skin assisted by sunshine, is not converted to the active vitamin D until in the liver and kidney, it is then also called "hormone D". Adequate provision of vitamin D is vital for the body as the functioning of so many systems, organs, muscles, bones and tissue is subject to a good level of vitamin D.


Vitamin D contributes:

  • a normal function of the immune system
  • a normal muscle function 
  • a healthy growth and healthy development of children 
  • maintenance of normal teeth and bones
  • a normal cell division 

Content: 60 capsules - only one capsule per day

Active ingredients

1 capsule contains Vitamin D2 (1000 I.E.) 25 µg and Vitamin C from acerola 48 mg. Capsule shells made from plant cellulose.

Free from gluten, lactose, Fructose, gelatin and colouring agents.


Adults: one capsule a day with some liquid together with the main meal of the day. Children aged 3 and over: one capsule every other day. The capsules can be opened and their content mixed with other food if necessary, for example when giving to children.

Food supplements cannot substitute a balanced diet and a healthy kind of living.