The bioavailability is significant

There is a large variety of plant substances available in natur. However, those substances are only valuable if they are in their bioavailable forms. If that is the case our body can absorb those substances and more importantly use and process them. Thus, they often get destroyed during transport, storage or during processing. To solve this problem Dr. Wolz offers you natural and highly bioavailable products that have been produced to the highest quality standards. All extracts being produced at Dr. Wolz are residue-free extracts. The contained phytochemicals are highly bioavailable and in their natural matrix as e.g. in our Curcumin Extraxt or our Brokkoliextrakt + Aktiv- Enzym. Further, you can find preparations containing extracts such as epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), saffron, rosavin, gingerol, quercetin, glucoraphanin and curcumin.