• Healthy for the skin, nerves and heart1, 2, 6
  • For a healthy metabolism3, 7
  • For an additional supply of the B-complex vitamins

B-Komplex + Biotin + Folsäure Hefetabletten

B vitamins are of special importance for our health. For example, they are also key to the nervous system (8), cardiac health (6), the metabolism (3, 7), the skin and hair (1, 2). As B vitamins make up an interconnected group which perform their metabolic tasks in concert, they are bundled in the so-called vitamin B complex.

Our physical well-being and performance are affected by very diverse factors. This also means healthy nutrition in addition to sufficient movement. For example B vitamins have to be taken in each day through food as, apart from B12, they cannot be stored by the body. They execute very diverse tasks in the body. What is special about B vitamins: they work in concert and mesh like cogs in their functions. For this system to function optimally, it is important to take in all B-complex vitamins in sufficient quantity.

B-Komplex + Biotin + Folsäure Hefetabletten Dr. Wolz help to assure adequate provision of these healthy vitamins. The natural yeast excellently supplements the vitamin complex.

Content: 300 tablets

Active substances

6 tablets containsReference Daily Intake*

3 tablets

6 tablets


2,4 mg

110 %

220 %


3 mg

105 %

210 %


3 mg

105 %

210 %

B127,8 µg155 %310 %
Biotin150 µg150 %300 %
Folsäure600 µg150 %300 %

*in percent of the reference quantity for the daily supply


6 tablets per day during the meals with liquid, during the day or at once.

Food supplements cannot substitute a balanced diet and a healthy kind of living.