B-Komplex + Biotin + Folsäure

  • For healthy nerves and a healthy heart4,6

  • To support skin and hair1,2

  • For a healthy metabolism3,5

B-vitamins are of particular importance for our health. They are important for our nervous system and metabolism, but in particular for our heart. They form a cohesive group, known as the vitamin B-complex, that fulfills important tasks in the metabolism. Those B-vitamins can only be absorbed to a small extent and can not be stored in our body for a long time. Like all water-soluble vitamins, they can not be accumulated by taking large amounts. If large quantities of B-vitamins are taken at the same time, they body excretes parts of them unused – therefore, they have to be taken through daily food intake.

B-vitamins: a healthy combination 

Our performance and physical well-being is under the constant influence of many external factors. Sufficient exercise and a healthy diet have a positive influence on our overall wellness. Due to the fact that B-vitamins, with the exception of vitamin B12, can not be stored by our body, they have to be supplemented daily. The B-complex-vitamins perform a large variety of tasks in our body. B-vitamins have a special character because in the way they work they complement each others functions. If B-vitamins are taken daily and in a sufficient quantity, the possitive effects on the body can be maintained. 

B-Komplex + Biotin + Folsäure

Package size: 300 tablets

Vegan. Gluten-free, free from lactose, fructose and colorants. 

B-vitamins extracted from yeast – from your specialist Dr. Wolz

There are many suppliers of vitamin-B-preparations – the difference lies in the quality. Our customers can be assured that we exclusively use hiqh-quality ingredients in all Dr. Wolz products. The combination of B-vitamins extracted from yeast has proven to be very effective. Among experts Dr. Wolz is known as the "yeast specialist" not least because of the development of the unique enzyme yeast cells. 

Active ingredients 

6 tablets (recommended daily amount) contain: Vitamin B1 2,4 mg, vitamin B2 3 mg, vitamin B6 3 mg, vitamin B12 7,8 µg, biotin 150 µg, folic acid 600 µg. B-Komplex + Biotin + Folsäure is vegan. 

Recommended intake

The maximun daily amount is 6 tablets. We recommend taking 6 tablets during a meal or throughout the day with some liquid. 

A varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are important for health.