Safran + Rhodiola-Extrakt

An overload in everyday life, stress or grief can quickly affect your mental health. Nervousness, lack of concentration and loss of mental performance can be a result. Saffron, rhodiola and vitamins have tradiotionally been used to treat mental strain, excessive stress and loss of mental performance. 

Dr. Wolz offers you Saffron+Rhodiola extract, a unique combination with vitamin C, B12 and pantothenic acid that supports mental and psychological health. In addition, vitamin C, B12 and pantothenic acid help to reduce exhaustion and fatigue and contribute to a normal mental performance.


Saffron is a species of crocus and belongs to the iris family (Iridaceae). The tuberous plant produces blossoms, each with a three-petaled, yellow-colored pistil, also calles style or stigma, which is world-famous as a spice. Around 150,000-200,000 blossoms or 700,000 pistils are needed for one kilogram of this spice. Saffron is mainly grown in Iran and Afghanistan but also in Europe in the Mediterranean region. The plant only blooms once a year in autumn and can be harvested in a period of two weeks. 

Apart from its usage as a spice in dishes, saffron is also used as a dye for clothing. Carotenoids, especially crocin and carotene, are responsible for the strong colour. The intense aroma is produced by essential oils. The monoterpene-aldehyde safranal plays a significant role in that. In addition, saffron contains numerous flavonoids, i.e. phytochemicals. Saffron was already being used in ancient times and Hippocrates already spoke of its positive effects. In China and in India saffron has been known for 2000 years. Modern science continously researches the possitive effects of saffron. 



The Rhodiola rosea L. belongs to the family of the thick-leaf plants (Crassulaceae). It is five to 35cm high and has a rose-like smell. Due to its rose-like smell the Swedish botanist Carl von Linné named it Rhodiola rosea. Rhodiola, also called rose root, has been recommended in Eastern Europe, Scandinavia and Asia for stress, exhaustion and overload in daily life for a very long time. In Scandinavia, the Baltic States and Russia, Rhodiola has also been used for nutritional science. 

Rhodiola rosea

Package size: 120 capsules

Vegan. Gluten-free, free from lactose, fructose and colorants.


2 capsules contains saffron threads-extract 30 mg (thereof safranal 0,6mg); rhodiola-extract 300mg (thereof rosavin 9,0 mg), Vitamin B12 1,3 µg, pantothenic acid 3,0 mg, Vitamin C 40mg. It is vegan. The capsule shell is made of plant-based cellulose.

Recommended intake

The recommended daily amount is two capsules. Take two capsules daily unchewed with a beverage of your choice.

A varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are important for health.