Who is Dr. Wolz?

Behind the Dr. Wolz brand is a traditional, family-run company that is now in its third generation. The foundation stone was laid more than 50 years ago by the biotechnologist Siegfried Wolz. He worked in the research team of Prof. Feodor Lynen, who was later awarded the Nobel Prize for the discovery of "Acetyl CoA". The research on this central compound for the metabolism of the cell took place in yeasts, which is why Siegfried Wolz also carried out further research with yeasts. In 1969, he then achieved a breakthrough: he developed the Dr. Wolz® enzyme yeast cells, which are still unique today and serve as "fuel for the cells". In the same year, he founded Dr. Wolz Zell GmbH at the Geisenheim site to expand his research activities as well as product development for other holistic health preparations.

His children Angela Wenzel-Wolz and Georg Wolz joined the family business at an early stage, with Georg Wolz returning to the company after studying biotechnology, food technology and medicine in order to incorporate his experience and knowledge into product development and the expansion of the product range.

Meanwhile, Dr. Wolz offers a wide range of preparations for intestinal health, the immune system, cardiovascular health and especially for the health of children and athletes. As an intestinal specialist, Dr. Wolz produces a variety of microbiotic preparations according to the strictest quality criteria and also successfully markets them abroad. To further support the holistic concept, the product range also includes highly bioactive phyto-preparations.

And there will be more innovative preparations from Dr. Wolz in the future. Angela Wenzel's son David is responsible for product development and worldwide sales as a member of the management board.

Gripped by the urge to explore:

"My sister Angela Wenzel-Wolz and I are successfully continuing my father's life's work. But not only that: we have continuously expanded our product range, so that today we not only offer cell preparations, but also high-quality preparations with lactic acid bacteria. We are known as an intestinal specialist and have years of experience in the production of lactic acid bacteria preparations, which we produce at our company headquarters in Geisenheim."

Dr. med. Georg Wolz

"We have never stopped reinventing ourselves and putting our preparations to the test. Only those who constantly seek exchange with users and recommenders such as doctors can really find out what people need. This was already close to my father's heart back then and it still is to us today. After all, we want to make a decisive contribution to maintaining health."

Angela Wenzel-Wolz

"We do not only set high standards for our intestinal preparations. Our entire quality management is geared to the highest standards. Of course, this also means that we constantly train ourselves in this area and upgrade our production facilities. Only in this way we can guarantee the production of high-quality preparations, which are also part of complementary approaches in conventional medicine. "

David Wenzel

At home in the Rheingau:

The company headquarters are in Geisenheim – in the heart of the Rheingau. All preparations are produced, packaged and shipped there. Attention is paid not only to the selection of particularly high-quality natural raw materials, but also to gentle and environmentally friendly production. The company buildings are heated with geothermal energy and the electricity consumption is covered by the in-house photovoltaic system.