• For men’s health1,2,3
  • Healthy cell division2
  • Protection of the cells from oxidative stress3

Prostata pro Dr. Wolz

Prostate pro was developed especially for men's health1,2,3. Prostate pro Dr. Wolz is a scientifically based combination of micronutrients and phytochemicals. The individual substances, their interaction and also the dosages derived from studies are nutritionally significant.

Natural substances

As with all Dr.-Wolz preparations, our customers can also rely on the fact that the active ingredients in Prostate Pro are of natural origin. For example, lycopene comes from tomatoes, vitamin E from vegetable oils, lignans come from the linseed plant and the selenium is also biologically bound. The vitamin D3 is extracted from wool fat of sheep and the vitamin K2 is of vegetable origin.

Content: Combination pack containing 2 x 20 capsules Without gluten, lactose and preservation.

Men should not underestimate nutrition

How one feels in old age has a lot to do with the way one has been eating for many years. Especially men often underestimate the long-term effects of an unhealthy lifestyle. Thus overweight, alcohol consumption and too many animal fats have an unfavourable effect in the long term - this can not only lead to concrete problems later on but the quality of life in old age can also suffer. Prostate pro provides a carefully composed selection of nutritionally physiologically sensible secondary plant substances and micronutrients, which provide a balance especially for men1 in case of an unbalanced diet.

The ingredients include lycopene, the trace element selenium, which can protect the cells from oxidative stress, for example from free radicals3 , and flax lignans. The lignans are plant hormones which, according to current studies, can be used to treat an enlarged prostate, which often develops with increasing age. They also contain vitamin K2, whose nutritional-physiological potential has been shown in studies to be equally significant.

The body can produce vitamin D itself with the help of the sun (UVB rays). However, our way of life does not seem to be suitable to maintain sufficiently high vitamin D levels in the blood. An adequate supply of vitamin D is of great importance for the body, as the function of many organs, muscles and tissues depends on a good vitamin D level4.

Active substances:

With lignans from flax, lycopene from tomato, biologically bound selenium and vitamins D3, K2 and E.

active substances  daily intake 
Lycopin15 mg
Selen 100 µg
Vitamin D322,5 µg (900I.E.)
Vitamin K2   50 µg
Vitamin E50 mg

1 Vitamin D3 and Selenium contributes to the normal function of the immune System

2 Vitamin D3 has a role in the process of cell Division

3 Vitamin E and Selenium contributes to the protection of cells from oxidative stress, Selenium contributes to normal spermatogenesis


The combination pack contains 2 blisters for different actions. The capsules are different colours. To achieve a combined effect, take 1 capsule of each colour daily together with a meal and a small amount of fluid. Food supplements cannot substitute a balanced diet and a healthy kind of living.

Selen trägt zu einer normalen Spermienbildung bei.
2 Vitamin D3 hat eine Funktion bei der Zellteilung.
3 Vitamin E und Selen tragen dazu bei, die Zellen vor oxidativem Stress zu schützen.
4 Vitamin D3 sowie Selen tragen zu einer normalen Funktion des Immunsystems bei.