Vitality - Revitalisation, regeneration and cell protection

In order to be able to maintain your vitality one has to take care of ones micronutrients on a daily basis. Due to different reasons, not least because of an unbalanced diet, many people have a hard time closing their micronutrient gaps. Though, it is very important to pay attention to the supplements quality. Optimally, the micronutrients e.g. vitamins, trace elements, minerals, phytochemicals and bioactive substance have not been isolated but rather still are in their natural matrix (as you find them in nature). 

Phytochemicals are bioactive phytoprotectants in fruits and vegetables that protect themselves from environmental impacts. One example is the red tomato pigment lycopene, which protects tomatoes from the sun's UV radiation. Fruits and vegetables are very good for the human body because they contain those phytochemicals. It was found in studies that phytochemicals have numerous positive effects on the human body, similar to the effects of vitamins. That is why they are also called the "vitamins of the 21st century".