• for normal platelet aggregation
  • and healthy blood flow

Thromboflow Dr. Wolz

The WSTC contained in Thromboflow® Dr. Wolz promotes normal platelet aggregation and contributes to healthy blood flow.

Thromboflow Dr. Wolz contains a specific complex (WSTC) containing over 30 tomato-based phytochemical compounds which are obtained by means of a patented, gentle extraction process. This complex is not to be confused with lycopene, the red tomato dye, which has completely different characteristics.

The active substance in Thomboflow® maintains platelets in a normal state enabling them to circulate easily round blood vessels. This reduces the potential for platelets to clump together*. Thromboflow® does not intervene where clotting of blood is required, i.e. in the event of an injury. So Thromboflow® Dr. Wolz is a product based on an active complex of phytochemicals which acts directly at the root to contribute to healthy blood circulation.*

A stick (5g) or a capsule (150mg) is sufficient for one day. It takes effect about 1-1.5 hours after it is taken. A daily dose of Thromboflow preserves platelet elasticity for 24 hours.

Content: 20 or 60 capsules - only one capsule per day 10 or 30 sachets - only one sachet per day

Active substances

Thromboflow Dr. Wolz contains a highly specialized standardized tomato extract (WSTC). The capsule contains additionally Resveratrol.

Free from gelatin, gluten, lactose, Fructose and colouring agents.

* Thromboflow® helps maintain normal platelet aggregation which contributes to healthy blood flow.

Recommended intake (sticks)

1 stick (5 g) per day. Thromboflow Dr. Wolz is available in the form of pellets that can be swallowed straight from the stick or placed into the mouth using a spoon and then washed down whole with liquid. Preferably to be taken in the morning.

Free from gelatin, gluten, lactose, Fructose and colouring agents.

Recommended intake (capsules)

1 capsule a day with a glass of water or other liquid.

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