Heart & Circulation 

100 trillion cells in our body have to be supplied with oxygen and nutrients constantly. This can only be ensured when all organs in our body work properly. Our heart is responsible for our organ's functionality. It is basically the "engine" of our blood circulation systeme and it has to accomplish tremendous work day and night. This can be explained by the following facts. With every heart beat it pumps 70-100 ml blood through the veins. When this is projected, it pumps five liters in every minute and more than 7,000 liters every day. During physical exertion it is able to pump up to 20 liters in a minute, that means it pumps 1,200 liters in only one hour. No machinery is able to work 70-80 years straight at this pace, but from our heart it is expected. Thus, it is very important to pay close attention to our cardiovascular health.