Darm activ Dr. Wolz

Darm active Dr. Wolz is a product for the dietary treatment of constipation. It is characterized by a microbiological operating principle which fights the constipation in a gentle, natural way.

Darm activ Dr. Wolz is a non-expanding dietary fibre product with prebiotic active ingredients and 4 different lactic acid bacterial cultures (Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidobacterium longum, Bifidobacterium infantis, Lactobacillus casei). The prebiotic ingredients are not digested, but reach the colon undigested. Not until they arrive, are they broken down by the bacterial flora of the colon, in turn stimulating the growth of bacterial flora, especially bifidus and lactobacilli flora. Investigations show a clear rise in the count of bifidus bacteria. The desired resultant metabolites of the intestinal flora stimulate movement in the colon and eliminate constipation. So Bowel Active Dr. Wolz supports digestion by dietary means, regulates bowel movement and counteracts constipation microbiologically.

    Darm activ Dr. Wolz acts

    • through a high dietary fibre content of inulin.
    • Prebiotics - The dietary fibre inulin is not digested by the body in the ileum, but
      reaches the colon where it is used by intestinal bacteria such as bifido bacteria as a
      natural nutrient and so also aids in increasing the bifido flora.
    • Probiotics – Due to the increased supply of nutrients and the delivery of lactic acid bacterial cultures the microbiological activity of the intestinal flora is stimulated by natural means and the colon can now empty itself faster and more easily. In the elderly, in particular, the percentage of bifido flora in the intestine is lower, therefore Bowel Active Dr. Wolz also contains 2 different bifidus strains.

    Content: 209g or 400g Pulver

    Active ingredients

    Inulin, Lactulose, Lactic acid bacteria

    Recommendation intake

    Darm activ Dr. Wolz is a soluble, non-swelling fibre product that can be stirred into cold drinks (such as a glass of still water) or soft, cold food.

    Darm activ Dr. Wolz works on a microbiological level, and so intake should be increased slowly. Start with the contents of one measuring spoon (about 6 g) and increase the daily amount gradually, for example by one spoonful more each week, until you feel the optimum effect. The recommended daily intake is three flat measuring spoons (= 19 g). Stir this in 200 ml of liquid of your choice or 200 g of soft food until the powder has dissolved. Increasing the amount you consume can cause bloating as the large intestine has not yet adjusted to Darm activ Dr. Wolz.

    * Zichorieninulin trägt durch Erhöhung der Stuhlfrequenz zu einer normalen Darmfunktion bei.