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Broccoli seed extract with the sulforaphane activation formula

Brokkoliextrakt + Aktiv-Enzym Dr. Wolz

The special feature of Brokkoliextrakt + Aktiv-Enzym Dr. Wolz is the provision and good bioavailability of healthy sulphoraphane. Brokkoli extrakt + Aktiv-Enzym Dr. Wolz contains three key ingredients: on one hand, the plant substance glucoraphanin and on the other the enzyme myrosinase which activates the active plant substance sulphoraphane completely freshly from the glucoraphanin in the intestine. The third ingredient is the plant substance quercetin which is also present in broccoli.

What is sulphoraphane?
Sulphoraphane is a mustard oil glycoside formed from the phytochemical glucoraphanin using the enzyme myrosinase.

What is quercetin?
Quercetin is a light yellow natural phytochemical occurring in the shell/skin or periphery of many kinds of fruit and vegetables where it plays a protective role. Broccoli, too, contains quercetin (about 30 mg/kg). But a large part is destroyed through cooking.

Brokkoliextrakt + Aktiv Enzym makes the valuable ingredients bioavailable 
Unfortunately most more recent varieties of broccoli no longer contain much glucoraphanin. Also storage, deepfreezing and especially cooking destroy a large part of the valuable ingredients in broccoli such as quercetin and the enzyme myrosinase. And myrosinase is important because it converts glucoraphanin into the effective component sulphoraphane.
Anyone wanting optimum benefi t from the valuable ingredients of broccoli, especially glucoraphanin, should therefore use an extract that also contains the enzyme myrosinase at the same time. Brokkoliextrakt + Aktiv-Enzym contains both substances, extracted by a patented and very gentle process. This production process always involving temperatures below 40 degrees Celsius yields an active combination concentrate containing the valuable phytochemicals quercetin, glucoraphanin and the enzyme myrosinase.

High bioavailability
Glucoraphanin is converted both by the enzyme myrosinase to be found in broccoli and our microbiome to the substance sulphoraphane which acts in the body. Why don’t we then simply extract sulphoraphane and provide it in capsule form? Some providers do so, and retail dried sulphoraphane. The problem: sulphoraphane extract generally is not usually very stable. A better bioavailability and effect in the body requires a direct combination – as is the case with Brokkoliextrakt + Aktiv-Enzym – glucoraphanin with the enzyme myrosinase.
After ingestion one part is then rapidly broken down into the active component sulphoraphane and another more slowly by intestinal bacteria. This provides a completely fresh supply of sulphoraphane to the body. These two processes have the effect to extend the level of active substance. As glucoraphanin and myrosinase are sensitive to acids, administration requires a capsule that can resist gastric acid.the valuable phytochemicals quercetin, glucoraphanin and the enzyme myrosinase.


Active substances:

1 capsule  contains Broccoli seed extract 200 mg, of which glucoraphanin 20 mg, quercetin 30 mg, myrosinase 2 mg

Capsule from Cellulose. Without Gelatine, lactose, gluten and colouring agents.


60 capsules


1 capsule a day with a drink with meals. Do not take with hot Drinks.

Food supplements cannot substitute a balanced diet and a healthy kind of living.

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