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Ginger - Extract with a high percentage of gingerol

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We chiefly use ginger as a spice. Furthermore, ginger has been familiar in natural history in the Asian cultural area for centuries. The reason is the ingredients of the gingerols which give ginger its sharp taste and at the same time have characteristics which are easy on the stomach.

The ginger root is a member of the ginger family (Zingiberaceae), and is used as a spice and in Ayurveda naturopathy. The ginger plant can grow up to 1.5 metres in height and develops a yellowish root in soil which can be harvested after approx. 250 days. It grows mainly in the Tropics and Subtropics. Ginger has been used, chiefly in the East Asian area, for thousands of years. Owing to the numerous English colonies in that part of the world the spice was already known in the British Isles much earlier than in the rest of Europe. The English also use ginger in producing the famous lemonade Ginger Ale.

The ingredients of ginger
Ginger owes its aromatic, spicy taste and smell to it containing many ethereal oils such as zingiberol and zingiberen. The spiciness is caused by the substances gingerol and shogaol. In addition, ginger root also contains resinic acids. In the Asian cultural area ginger has been used traditionally for the benefit of the stomach for centuries.

Active substances:

2 capsules contains ginger root extract 500mg (thereof gingerol 25mg)

Capsule from cellulose.

Ginger extract is vegan. Without Gelatine, lactose, gluten and colouring agents.


120 capsules


2 capsules per day with liquid of your choice.

Food supplements cannot substitute a balanced diet and a healthy kind of living.

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