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Pro- and prebiotics - 24 thousand million lactic acid bacteria a day

Darmflora plus® Dr. Wolz

Darmflora plus® Dr. Wolz contains 4 probiotic cultures in a concentration of 24 thousand million lactic acid bacteria per daily dose and the preprobiotic inulin.

The bowel with the greatest surface area (200 - 300 m2) has a dual function. On one hand it is responsible for absorbing and eliminating the constituents of food, on the other it shelters an enormous number of bacteria which, as intestinal flora, stimulate the entire body's immune response. Lactic acid producing lactobacilli and bifidus bacteria make up the majority of the intestinal flora. Many factors, such as unbalanced nutrition and medicines (antibiotics), can impact negatively on our intestinal flora.

The content of oligofructose acts as nutrient for the lactic acid bacterial cultures in the intestine, enabling them to grow and better serve the intestinal flora. 

Highly dosed:
24 thousand million lactic acid bacteria a day

4 cultures:

Lactobacillus acidophilus    Bifidobacterium lactis
Bifidobacterium longum     Lactobacillus casei


  • for maintaining the intestine
  • for the well-being of the intestine
  • synbiotics by means of probiotics and prebiotics


Darmflora plus Dr. Wolz can also be used to prepare a probiotic drinking yoghurt.

Active substances:

One measuring spoon (approx. 1g) of Darmflora plus Dr.Wolz® contains about 6 billion viable organisms from 4 live yoghurt cultures as well as inulin (pre- and probiotic).
Free of lactose, gluten, colouring agents and preservatives.


70 g powder


4 measuring spoons per day in yoghurt, cereals or beverages. Not with hot beverages. Children under 6 years take 1 measuring spoon per day. Children from 6 years take 2 measuring spoons per day. By permanent use every age group take half quantity.

Food supplements cannot substitute a balanced diet and a healthy kind of living.

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