For a Stronger Immune Defense

KinderImmun Dr. Wolz

KinderImmun Dr. Wolz is a natural product with an active immune complex prepared especially for children. This immune combination is a product of Dr.Wolz research aimed to strengthen the immune defences of pre-school and school children up to age 14.

The Dr.Wolz team has been engaged for 30 years in the field of health maintenance supported by natural ingredients with proven effectiveness. KinderImmun Dr. Wolz  of greater stress, growth or vulnerability to infection. is recommended for periods Why “KinderImmun Dr.Wolz”? The active immune complex in  KinderImmun Dr. Wolz contains a selection of valuable natural ingredients which are specially combined to provide active and at the same time passive support for the immune system.

Ingredients of active support

(1,3) / (1,6) beta-D-glucans
Beta glucans actively stimulate specific immune cells and doing so, they activate the immune system.

Zinc locked by a biological bond in zinc yeast helps to keep the immune system strong and to balance metabolic functions.

Lactic acid bacteria
The bifido bacteria activate the intestinal system's own immune defense system. They take probiotic action.

Vitamin C from acerola
Powder gained from the juice of the acerola cherry contributes a high vitamin C content from natural sources.